Morphtravel Flight Companion

Why a Flight Companion?

A Flight Companions are team members who has professional credentials and experience flying with people who need someone to fly with.  Our Companions will pick you up by town car and provide travel assistance throughout your entire trip.  From handling your baggage to check-in and security, and through the flight, you will be provided everything you need to get safely and comfortably to your final destination. Our Flight Companions accompany you throughout an entire trip, providing travel assistance from origin to final destination.

Flight Companions are used for:

Unattended minors

Elderly travelers needing assistance

Hearing or visually impaired travelers

A person with physical disability

Someone traveling alone 

Traveler with flight anxiety

Every traveler has an individual level of assistance. Each Flight Companion will treat you as an individual and is given specialized training  to meet your needs. Our team will stay in communication with your family or friends throughout the trip providing step by step peace of mind. Our Flight Companions will contact each client before the flight to discuss any special needs that you may have. We will work with you to assure all concerns are met.

Flight Companion services feature:

Make travel arrangements.

Escort you from the departure airport to your destination.

Handle wheelchair assistance.

Coordinate airport check-in.

Carry onboard luggage.

Guide and assist you through TSA and Security.

Assist boarding the plane.

Accompany you during the flight.

Assist with any connecting flights.

Assist toileting during the flight.

Retrieve luggage at baggage claim.

Keep friends or family members informed by phone or email during the trip.