Why is a Medical Escort necessary?

We see you as a patient.  You will be looked at as as an individual with individual needs. Examples of individual needs are:

Car accidents

Non-Life support injuries


Pneumonia and respiratory issues

Recent heart Attacks or cardiac issues

Psychiatric patient transport

Acute illnesses

Recent CVA or stroke

Medical Escort Process

Before you travel:

After you or a case manager accepts the quote to move forward with the transport, Metamorphosis Travel will obtain a release of information from the patient to retrieve vital health information necessary for flying.  Flights will be confirmed and we will develop an itinerary.  The itinerary will be verified by the patient and medical clearance will be obtained from the airline.  We will arrange hotels for the escort closest to the patient and coordinate ground transportation to departure and at arrival. We will then provide the patient with an all-inclusive itinerary and price.

During Transport:

We will determine and discuss with the patient, the type of ground transportation necessary based on the medical condition of the patient.  We will provide bedside-to-bedside care which provides the patient the appropriate care and family peace of mind. 


Pre-Flight Assessment:

When the Registered Nurse arrives at the patient’s location, a pre-flight assessment will be completed by the RN.  Pre-flight assessments prepare the patient for their upcoming flight. It is an opportunity to discuss medical information necessary at that moment to verify the transport method is appropriate.  Pre-flight assessments include the following:

A focused RN full system/body assessment

Comprehensive review of the patient’s chart

Review the transportation and inflight plan of care

Review of the transport itinerary

Answer any questions the family or patient may have

The nurse may request the following:

Additional lab work be completed prior to flight

May suggest additional x-rays to determine flight

Make any changes to ground transportation if needed