The Art Of Letting It Go – A Social Experiment

"The Art of Letting It Go" is social experiment that I haven't mastered,  yet my own encounters in life have taught me certain lessons that have enabled me to understand my potential in a fascinating way.  Following my intuition and decreasing the need to control my life.   We have an intrinsic capacity to detect problematic situations and act upon them.  It really is our 6th sense.   Canines and felines have it., animals in the wild have it, and so do we.  Most researchers would call it instinct.

We as a whole, we have an impulse to detect when a circumstance is awful or great, including individuals when you initially meet them.  Whether Agnostic or Christian, call it vast powers of nature or blessings, we ALL have this ability.   I trust that we really are guided by powers out of our control.  The Art of Letting It Go is the capacity to tune in and go wherever that intuition is telling you.  I likewise trust that as human beings, we have the one-of-a-kind capacity and duty to do good.  Following a crude sense to hurt, or take a life is not innate behavior for us and what isolates us from other predatory animal species.   In order to understand The Art of Letting It Go, I propose a social experiment to better understand how this works.  Follow this social experiment and see where it takes you in life.

Social Experiment Week 1

Eye Contact

Many are not mindful that they don't keep sufficient eye contact.  Starting today.  Everyone you pass or meet, keep up an eye to eye connection with them until the point when THEY look away.  A slight smile as you do this will light up your eyes and pass on warmth in the gaze.  This simple gesture can allow you to separate yourself from a friendly person from a psycho stalker.   Do this for one week.  Really try to understand the eye contact that is being returned to you and interpret to the best of your ability what their gaze back means.

Did a positive human connection occur with anyone you did this with?

Did you ever sense that anyone appeared to be hopeless, pitiful, or negative?


Social Experiment Week 2

Follow Blind Intuition

Now that you are connecting better through eye contact, follow the intuitions you get from others.  Do this not just with people but situations.  If you believe you need to take a left rather than a right while driving, don't debate... Just do it.  If you get a feeling through the eye contact about someone, act upon it!  Wake up each day for one week rehearsing the your instinct to follow your intuitions regardless of how senseless or trivial it may seem.  This is the ART.

Did you see any distinction between following your instincts vs. ignoring instinct for self-protection and uncertainty?

Do our back and forth thinking on the choices you made, keep you any more secure than following your instinct?


Social Experiment  Week 3

There Are No Coincidences

Now that you have honed your eye contact and you are more aware of your surroundings and you are following instincts you are ready to act on coincidences.  Coincidences are by definition "A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection."  I don't trust that is definition. I know that each encounter in our life is not by chance, but a chance to understand why it happened.  I know it's cliché... everything has a reason.  If  you see a stranger more than 3 times  in a short measure of time, this is not by chance or coincidence.  Don't restrict yourself to what "a short measure of time" means,  simply focus the circumstance, why it is happening and then... follow your instincts.  You never know why the "happenstance" is happening, simply be aware of it and what it might mean.

Did you find anything that ended up being un-coincidental in the traditional sense of the word?

Did you learn something about yourself and your own preconceived thinking patterns?


These three experiments should be possible at any time.   Simply begin every one of the three now, or split this up week by week.  It doesn't matter.  It's a social experiment and I would welcome any recommendations or encounters.   By doing these experiments, in three weeks your intuition will begin to shine through.  We often times suppress this intuition due to our own ego, preconceived notions or simple shyness.  We tell ourselves that the decisions we make have to be well thought out and over planned.  We tell ourselves "oh... that's just silly what I am thinking."  When you begin to follow your intuition and actually trust it, you begin to rely on it.

Once you rely on your intuition you can apply this to control.  We try to control our lives out of fear that the path we are on isn't correct, or we are afraid to make mistakes. Once you can trust your intuition, the need to control a situation gets less.  In all reality we have very little to no control, over a situation and by realizing this and applying intuition, we lessen the need to want to control ourselves, others and our situations.  We realize that we are simply part of this world and not masters of how it works.  We only masters of how we react.  We need to step back from the control of life, to one of submission to life.  If we “let it go”  and allow it to guide us.  It's amazing the opportunities that unfold.  I believe some call it “Faith”,  Others call it “Cosmic Intuition.”   Either way, don’t fight it because it's meant to be and the key to opening up your dreams in life.