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Travel Partner

Our Travel Partners come to you to suit your schedule.

Together you will travel. Your Travel Partner is an experienced world traveler, creating a memorable experience for you.

If you can dream it, we can offer a Travel Partner that will accompany you to the ends of the earth.

I want a Partner!

Medical Escort

Our Medical Escort will accompany you or a loved one on a flight anywhere in the world.

Our U.S.-trained Registered Nurses will ensure that you will get to your destination with a medically trained person.

We can offer psychiatric or medical staff to get you there safely.

Escort Me!

Life Refresher

Our Life Refresher will alleviate stress and anxiety in your life, empowering you to heal yourself of depression.

Our unique approach to travel will give you the keys to succeed in life,

refresh your outlook and change your perspective.

Feel Refreshed!

Flight Companion

A Flight Companion will accompany you or a loved one on a flight anywhere in the world.

We will make traveling alone effortless.

Our Flight Companions will pick you up, and handle all transfers to the final destination.

Let us be your companion for a safe trip.

Lets Fly!

So how does it work?

Travel related services that transform you!
We don't only accompany you on a trip, we transform you! We do this through getting a world perspective. This is one of the most important things you can learn. While traveling to locations that do not have the luxury and convenience you are accustomed to, you learn to understood what makes a country tick. Sure, you can sit in a 5 star resort getting drinks served to you at pool if this is your thing, however we specialize in taking people off the beaten path to get a cultural experience. This type of travel not only gives you a new world perspective, but a different life perspective.
We take you where you want to go! Flexibility at it's best!
Some travel agencies and companies provide you with an Itinerary. A piece of paper stating when and where you will be, how you will get there, and where you will be going. We can do this too, however by having a travel partner, we give you the freedom to decide what to do on the fly. We will go where you decide to go, when you decide to do it. Our Travel Partners have the answers to your questions and will take you there!
We do other things too!
We don't only provide Travel Partners, we provide life long friendships, unforgettable experiences, and a change in perspective that is priceless. Our main passion is to open your eyes to what the world has, allow you to interact with another culture and transform the way you look at your own life. We're not just a travel service, we are dedicated to changing people for the better through travel.

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